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Setting Alerts

You can set alerts to see a calendar of your bills and expenses to help you schedule bills, set reminders and -- most importantly -- help avoid late fees.

Click on the 'My Alerts' button on the left bar. You will now be able to create an alert by clicking on the date and detailing the alert. Your alerts will be there as a reminder each time you log in to the application, in the home page itself!

Click on the 'Alerts' button on the left bar. You will now be able to see a list of the existing alerts and make necessary changes to the date, description on delete the alert.

You can create price alerts in the Watchlist section, under 'Investments' in the top menu bar of your application. Use the Set Alert icon, next to the Refresh button to set your price alerts.

  • " Liked the fact that I could track the closing balances in my 5 bank accounts."
  • " Could add and track multiple Mutual Fund schemes that I had bought, as well as monthly SIPs."
  • -- Sunil Gupta