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Updating bank, broking, mutual fund and credit card statements.

Banks:   Myiris Plus currently reads electronic statements of fifteen banks, so if you have accounts with any of these banks,   you can import statements very easily. (Click here for list of banks). You will need to login to your net banking account, and download your electronic statements (in the format as mentioned next to the bank name in our list) to your desktop. Once the statements are downloaded, you can import them to the application, using the 'Import' menu item on the top bar of the application. If you are unable to locate how to download statements from your bank, or if you have downloaded a statement and are unable to import it into myiris plus, please mail us at support@myiris.com or call our helpdesk numbers (022) 67231011 and 6723 1012; or to connect to our online helpdesk, log on to http://m3.myiris.com.
If your bank provides an electronic statement, but it is not being read by Myiris Plus, please do contact us with a sample file, so we can build the necessary support for Myiris Plus to be able to read your bank formats as well.
And finally, if your bank provides no electronic statement at all, then you can use the option of manually inputting entries into the application. Once your bank account is set up, select the bank (you will be taken to the transaction page) and manually insert your entries by selecting 'Insert' in the right click menu on the bank transaction page.

Shares, Mutual fund and credit card statement: At the moment, you will have to capture this information manually, by selecting 'Insert' in the right click menu on the transaction page. However, we will shortly be providing an update where you can import contract notes from broking firms, and statements from mutual funds.

Excel import option for your share / mutual fund transactions:  Ifyou have your share / mutual fund transaction data stored in your own Excel format, you can import it into myiris plus by copying the information in our standard template. On selecting your broking firm / mutual fund from the left menu bar (under 'My Accounts'), you will reach the share / mutual fund transaction page. Click on the excel icon, it will open up an Excel template called 'Equity Info' (or Mutual Fund Info) into which you can paste your transactions. Please be careful and follow the YYYY-MM-DD format for entering dates. Once you have pasted your transactions in the Excel template, you can save the template on your desktop, and upload the template into Myiris Plus using the 'Import' menu on the top bar of the application.

To have a reasonably current understanding of your finances, we advise you to update your bank/credit card/mutual fund/equity transaction statements at least once a month.
At the very least, you have all your information stored in one place. You can then choose to explore the other features of the application at your own leisure, since your statements are already imported in the application!
Think about it - importing statements into one place regularly is itself the first big step to getting organized

This is ideal, and we will be providing this feature going forward.

Updating information on Other Assets / Liabilities

Select 'Add Account' from the top menu bar, choose the asset/ liability class and add your account details; and then enter the details of the transaction manually in each of the asset / liability classes.
If you want to create a new asset type, then select 'Asset' under the 'Add Account' tab on the top menu bar, and create your own asset type. You can then enter details of the transaction manually for the asset.

  • " Liked the fact that I could track the closing balances in my 5 bank accounts."
  • " Could add and track multiple Mutual Fund schemes that I had bought, as well as monthly SIPs."
  • -- Sunil Gupta