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Creating and Tracking my Portfolio

The ideal way is for you to import your broker contract notes into the application. We will be providing this feature shortly, and will send you an email intimation when this is ready.  In the meantime, you can get started on creating a portfolio manually. For this, you will of course need to create an equity / mutual fund account first - so start with the 'Add Account' on the top menu bar, add an equity / mutual account (unless you have already created your equity / mutual fund account earlier). Once created, select 'Equity' or 'Mutual Fund' under 'My Accounts' on the left bar, and choose your equity broking account. You will then see three tabs in the middle section of your screen - Holdings, Transactions and Chart. Select the 'Transactions' tab, and right click to insert your stocks / mutual funds, and create your portfolio.

STT and brokerage are necessary at the time of computing your taxes; and we have a tax module as part of this application itself. In case you don't know or remember your brokerage and STT, feel free to work with approximations (brokerage as 0.5% of the total purchase / sale value, and STT as 0.0015%). You can always edit / update this later, based on your contract notes.

  • " Liked the fact that I could track the closing balances in my 5 bank accounts."
  • " Could add and track multiple Mutual Fund schemes that I had bought, as well as monthly SIPs."
  • -- Sunil Gupta