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Categorizing Transactions

When you categorize each bank transaction, Myiris Plus is able to generate break-ups of your income sources and areas of expenditure. You will be able to monitor your expenses and income better this way. These can then be viewed in the 'Charts' section for easy comprehension.

To categorize any single transaction, keep your cursor on the transaction item and right click. You can then select the category.
However, the greater joy lies in categorizing a bunch of transactions together, by 'setting a category'. Let's say you have Salary Income that comes in every month to your bank, and the item that is reported in your bank statement every month says 'Salary'. Right click on any one Salary item, and select 'Set as Tag'. This will open a window where you can define that the string 'Salary' should always be tagged to the 'Gross Salary' head. This will work for all of your statements going forward.
Once you have categorized such 'repeat' items, you can categorize the rest individually. To make it easy, you can click on the header 'Category' for an alphabetical sorting by category on the page. This way, you can quickly see the items that are 'uncategorized'.

Yes, you can. On the top bar, select Option > Add Category. Add an item and choose a category. If this is an income head, it would be good if you can specify whether the item you have added is a taxable one or not.

Yes. The myCash option lists all transactions that you have tagged as Cash Withdrawal in your Myiris Plus bank statement. Here, you can also specify how these withdrawals were used.
•   Right click on a transaction row.
•    The Split button appears. Click on it.
•   A pop-up window appears. Enter details of cash usage in this window.
•    Click 'Add'

Transactions that you have already tagged manually will not be affected when you set an auto tag. If you do want the manual transactions to be 're-tagged' based on your setting an automatic tag, then you will first need to 'uncheck' the boxes in the column named 'M', against the particular manual transaction that you want auto tagged. Then use the 'refresh' icon (the green icon on the top right in your transaction statement area) to auto tag the unchecked boxes.

Myiris Plus helps you track your cash easily. You can categorize all your cash and ATM withdrawals as cash withdrawals. These will then appear in the 'My Cash' tab, where you can see and further categorize your individual cash withdrawals.
(Please read 'Can I record how I use my cash withdrawals?)
This will not only be useful for you in tracking where your cash goes, but also important in your tax filings, when your cash flow statements are required.

In order to effectively track your income and expenses, you will need to categorize your bank transactions, and also your cash withdrawals. Once you do that, myiris plus will generate break-ups of your income sources and areas of expenditure, and allow you to monitor your expenses and income in an easy manner.

  • " Liked the fact that I could track the closing balances in my 5 bank accounts."
  • " Could add and track multiple Mutual Fund schemes that I had bought, as well as monthly SIPs."
  • -- Sunil Gupta