Welcome to myirisplus

Use myiris plus to create upto four profiles, so you can have multiple members of your family track their finances easily.

Aggregate statements from your banks, mutual funds, broking firms, insurance firms and more. So you can store, organize and view your statements, as well as a sweep of reports based on these statements. You can import statements electronically, or manually input your information.

Prepare your tax returns using myiris plus. If you have used the account aggregation module, some of your data will automatically get filled in the tax form. If not, you can walk through a set of questions, and the right tax form will be selected for you. You can choose to file your returns online, or print it and share it with your tax consultant.

The financial health check module walks you through a set of basic questions, so you can broadly assess your financial health. You can use this blueprint as a starting point, since it indicates an ideal asset allocation, based on your risk profile and your financial goals.

  • " Liked the fact that I could track the closing balances in my 5 bank accounts."
  • " Could add and track multiple Mutual Fund schemes that I had bought, as well as monthly SIPs."
  • -- Sunil Gupta