Are you a financial service provider (bank, mutual fund, broking firm, insurance company) looking to provide your customers
with a superior customer experience, achieving greater customer reach and adoption for your online services?

Myiris Plus, India's most comprehensive personal finance organizer is reaching out customers across the country and
globe. The application allows the user to consolidate all their financial accounts, like bank, credit card, insurance, loan,
equity, mutual fund, small saving, PPF, company fixed deposit and other asset accounts.

We are inviting service providers across the country to come join us in enabling customers import online statments directly
into the application. The application consolidates their accounts helping them to make better financial decisions.

We have over 1000 paid customers and 5000 using the evaluation version. These numbers are growing by the minute.
The association is free of charge and all we require is a sample format of your online statement.

Please email us at or call Hasan on (022) 67231000