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We are often asked, how did we think of the offering, is India ready for it and so on. In this section we will provide links to articles that helps provide some pointers.
The BSE magazine carried an article about the institutional version of myiris plus (it is called epassbook). While myirisPlus, the personal version is what is available for download here, epassbook is the institutional version which will be made available through companies for their staff, and through financial services providers for their clients. The ePassbook offering was featured in the bi-monthly magazine of the Bombay Stock Exchange called SENSEX. The article takes you through the features of ePassbook at some length, and gives you an idea of the features of
myirisplus as well.
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Is India ready for this service? A survey done by the Internet & Mobile Association of India provides some answers. At the end of it all, if you feel that the answer is a resounding yes, we will not be surprised.
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  • " Liked the fact that I could track the closing balances in my 5 bank accounts."
  • " Could add and track multiple Mutual Fund schemes that I had bought, as well as monthly SIPs."
  • -- Sunil Gupta