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Offer myiris plus as a very powerful tool for your clients to organize and manage their financial lives.

  • Consolidation of all their financial accounts. One view of all their bank, credit card, insurance, loan, equity, mutual fund, small saving, PPF, company fixed deposit and other asset accounts.
  • Customized reports like Net worth, Capital Gains, My portfolio, Budget Report, Financial Health Check.
  • Portfolio tracker that not only allows them to keep a track of the transactions but provides live updates, comprehensive research and customized reports on their investments.
  • Auto selection of tax form depending on the data of the client. An XML output ready for online filing.
  • Time and event based alerts reminding the clients of bill payments, due dates and stock price movements.
  • The client can manage multiple profiles with the application.

  • Continuous Visibility on the desktop of the client.
  • A superior customer experience to keep up with the growing competition.
  • An organised client who has all his financial history in place which in turn helps you to give better advice.
  • Customer specific reports that would support your recommendations.
  • Information on client’s investment portfolio.
  • All mutual fund and insurance transaction of the client can be routed through you.
  • Attractive commission scheme on sale and renewal of the product.
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